Furniture (Upholstered)

Active Sales Co offers a full line of tools, staples, nails, brads, adhesives and more, exclusively tailored to the furniture manufacturing industry.

Staples & Clips

Framing staples; Upholstery staples
Framing and upholstery staples
Hartco Clips
Hartco clips for sinuous spring support wires
AK rail sinuous spring clips
AK rail sinuous spring clips

Staplers & Nailers

Staplers & Nails
Framing and upholstery staplers
Hartco clip tools
Harto clip tools
air hose fittings
Air fittings, hoses and accessories


White and yellow wood glues
Aerosol spray adhesives
Aerosol spray adhesives

Service At Your Facility (for qualified customers)

Service Service Van
Service Working Inside Service Van
ServiceA full service workshop at your location

Package Closures

Stretch film
Stretch film 3″ and 18″
Strapping & Packaging
Plastic strapping
Packaging tape
PVC Packaging tape 2″

Hand Tools

Hand tools – tape measures
Tape measures
Hand tools – Utility Knives & Blades
Utility knives & blades